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Current projects are both theoretical and experimental.


The Nadeau Lab is in SB2-21 in SRTC at Portland State University


Members of the Nadeau lab come from physics, chemistry, and biology

Current Projects

Current projects are both theoretical and experimental and include:

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We Are Funded

Some of our funding sources include NASA, the NSF, and the ASTROBi Foundation.

Lab Members

Jay Nadeau

Principal Investigator

Carl Snyder

PhD student

Jackie Acres

PhD student

Nikki Johnston

PhD Student

Mae Dubay

MS student

Lukas Scott-Mendoza

MS student
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    Home of the motility database

    A server containing test datasets of raw holograms of motile microorganisms. Reconstruction and processing software are all available open source as Fiji plugins. Please contact us for more information if you are interested in these data.

    An open archive of videos of microbial motility in three dimensions for scientists, educators, and the public.

    What role does microbial motility play in aquatic environments: oceans, lakes, and inside the pores of sea ice?

    When microbes lose the ability to swim, what will make them swim again–temperature, amino acids, sugars? How long does it take to go from motile to non-motile?

    Is microbial motility substantially different in extremely cold and nutrient poor environments (such as the Arctic) than in more temperate environments (such as off Scripps pier)?

    Can we build a microscope to look for microbial motility on an icy moon of Jupiter or Saturn? How can motility be a biosignature that complements biochemical biosignatures of life on other planets?

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